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Availability/shipping Note:1/26/2017

G59, GPA10 amplifier kits, and G11 enclosures are currently out of stock.

New orders placed for in-stock items will ship within 5-10 business days.

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G59 160-6m 10mW transceiver Kit

See: Genesis G59 for all information and specifications.

Kit Price : $399. usd.

N2BHA Photo

Enclosure for G59

Enclosure holds both G59 and GPA10

Kit Price: $85. usd

Multiband Filter kit for G11

Multiband Filter kit option adds full 160-6m capability to G11. ( small modifications to G11 board are required)

Kit Price: $129.00

A few units available first week of December 2016

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Parts Kit for G3020

Includes all parts to build G3020. ( PCB AND CRYSTALS are NOT INCLUDED!)

Kit Price: $130. ( select shipping option on right.)

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Yes, parcel post or first class can be much cheaper, however in most cases it is impossible to insure or track. Along with taking, in some cases, 8 to 10 weeks or longer to arrive, dependent on location.


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